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About Rebecca

Rebecca Moore is a qualified Menopause Wellness Coach and also works in the private health sector as a Foot Health Practitioner; she is the founder of Best Foot Forward foot health clinic in London.


Following Rebecca's own challenging experience of peri-menopause, she became impassioned about coaching women through this transition, equipped with the knowledge and support to make the process easier.

"My own peri-menopause hit me like a bus driving at full speed. I was clueless about what to expect and unprepared for the impact the menopause would have on my life. I felt alone, frightened and confused. I searched for a private practitioner who specialised in this area of women’s health after a tiresome battle with my own GP trying to find answers. I decided that I wanted to train in this area myself, and five years into my own menopause journey, I qualified as a Menopause Wellness Coach. The knowledge I gained was life-changing for me. Finally understanding the physical changes in my body, why I was experiencing certain symptoms and what I could do to relieve them, was transformational. I truly believe that ‘knowledge is power’ and I look forward to joining you on this journey to reclaim your life!"

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